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There’s not a more deserving day of the year to both throw confetti and catch confetti than during New Years. As a person who doesn’t really do resolutions, I don’t have any goals to make or habits to break at this specific time of year. I change myself throughout the year, however I don’t really think I’ve made solid goals for myself  after coming back from the UK[summer] which drastically changed my future.  So I do need to make new goals, they are formulating and I’m working back my confidence.


Today’s topic has everything to do with my experience on Match. After months of contemplating paying for the service or not, I took the plunge and bought a 3 month subscription.

Looking for dis

As I paid for my subscription in whole,  I eagerly waited for my message box to become filled with incoming messages. Besides getting a couple of new messages, I sifted through many old messages from guys sent months ago back when I wasn’t paying for it [ that I finally got to see]. I thought that once guys were able to view my whole profile I’d get more messages– clearly not the case. They could already see my whole profile.This is why they pay marketers the big bucks, to strategize lure people into paying for S#$%.

Features I liked:


  • Awesome Filter Search: When you try to search for new people, it searches and filters people, in my case guys who were looking for an asian woman, working in finance, that’s  athletic, etc.Def helps slim down the options, efficiency is key!
  • No Swipe Feature: This is what tinder is notorious for, and apparently did so well many apps have included such a feature [bumble, okcupid, etc].  It felt like a human catalog, sometimes I was swiping so hard to the left I swiped away some potentials 😮

What I disliked:

  • Automated Message Options: Instead of formulating a message using one’s own wit, Match has ‘ready-2-go’ messages already written so people could fire out  loads of messages without losing any time. If the app hadn’t already made people lazy (don’t even have to court someone at the bar, just whip out your phone and swipe), this automated message function definitely will ensure laziness and lack of effort. What are these social dating apps trying to do to our dating culture, our dating integrity ??  What’s next in the future? A business that sends a 3-D copy of a person to all their first dates, so they won’t have to waste time with the misses and only deal with the hits. The 3-D copy will have nailed your personality by listening to past phone conversations !
  • If okcupid is considered to be people at the bottom of the barrel, then Match is simliar to okcupid except you have to pay for it! I got messages from a handful of old men despite being in my mid twenties. 8/10 guys that mailed me are guys I would never approach in real life.Also there were many guys with a cute cover pic, but then ugly pictures the rest of the way, three words .. WTF.

Bottom Line:

feels after 5+ yrs of online dating, culminatin’ with the match subscription.

Don’t pay for it. Just go to a bar, save the $60 for 3 months or however much it is now on Match. You will find someone to date or  @ the very least to entertain yourself with, guaranteed [ assuming you are a decent person in some shape or form]! I’m really going back to the old fashioned way with a old fashioned in my hand;) Also optimism is necessary!

Hope this helped anyone on the fence with the subscription!

** New Edit, so I  finished my 3 month subscription and that was by far the worst dating app I’ve used. I didn’t go out with one single guy, I think I exchanged number with 1 or 2 guys.Can’t buhhlieve I paid for this.  Also I thought that the guys on there would be more serious in terms of allocating time to get to know someone , date them etc , after all we are paying for this service and we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. But alas that is not the case. Fool me once its cool, never again .



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