A NIGHT to Remember


Credit: Gregg Dinderman/Sky & Telescope

Yesterday after walking my dog, who by the way found a kid’s sweater (sorry kid!) on our walk , I laid down a blanket to watch the Geminid meteor shower. I also had some candy cane tea to keep me warm. I dropped out of Astronomy class before I could fail it, I’m not an expert over here, far from it!But from I’ve read, this meteor shower was a must watch because its one of the two best meteor showers of the year. The meteor shower is supposed to have radiated  from the constellation Gemini (see above pic). The sky is supposed to be extra dark this winter. I  could definitely make out the Orion constellation and the constellation to the left of Gemini with my naked eyes.

I was totally having Walk to Remember vibes (one of my fave romantic movies), because on one of their dates they set out a blanket and telescope to watch shooting stars. And that was me, except I was by myself ! I have never seen a meteor shower, and I was totally expecting something like this .  I really question myself @ times!

I was expecting streaks of blue raining down like in Mandy Moore’s Cry video, but when I looked up it was more like blue flared shooting stars. And I saw one or two at a time. What I imagined couldn’t be any further than reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this time, like my body felt good as I laid down on my front yard scoping the night sky. Mother nature’s natural fireworks, reminds me that I need to try some solar gazing during the weekend.

Let me conclude this post by saying how amazing nature is, and how she gives us  everything we need to be happy.

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