Fresh Space

I finally decided to give myself a space on the great world wide web! Its been a long time coming. I have contemplated this idea since I visited my first food blog as a sophomore back in High School. I always thought it’d be too complicated or I wouldn’t have time…get out of my way excuses! I was also extremely private and had a hard time being open. Open heart chakra, open and blosssom! Underneath it all I didn’t think I had something worth contributing or sharing, which makes me sad because I think everyone has something to contribute.

I’ve always liked writing because I’m good at it 😉 for me writing>speaking as a way of communicating most of the time.  It’s something that comes easily as opposed to other subjects like Math/Science.  Also I truly enjoy reading a well written book, poem, article, blog post, etc. A good poem soothes my soul like when the radio plays an old song I haven’t heard in a while. I might not even know the name or the artist but I know the lyrics. I think this blog will be an extension of my thoughts and hobbies. A couple of my hobbies/interests are fitness,health,makeup/skincare, crafts, woodwork,cooking, live-shows, self- help books. I also like to be updated  on events taking place on this Earth and not just in the US where I am. I’m not trying to live in a bubble ova here. Just because an event doesn’t affect me directly doesn’t mean it’s none of business, I think it affects us all in one way or another.

I’m glad I did this before the NEW YEAR, cause I don’t make resolutions 😀 Soon this blog will be filled with confetti, sit tight!

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